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Living a healthy life shouldn't mean sacrificing taste.

Our gum contains only Chicle Gum base, Xylitol, and Natural Flavors .......oh, plus Love, which is only natural too

What could be more inviting than sitting by the fire on a beautiful snowy night sipping a hot buttered rum through a cinnamon stick...Our most popular gum flavor will take you there without the alcohol!

What kind of gum company would we be if we didn't offer mint?  Our mint flavor refreshes and cools your mouth with each delicious piece!

Walking hand in hand around the beautiful sites of Italy, you stop at a quaint little café to enjoy your favorite liquor...Romance is in the air and St. Bernie's CBD amaretto flavored gum is in your pocket! (Contains no alcohol).

Imagine picking a fresh, juicy blackberry straight from the vine and adding a hint of brandy...You'll experience the sophisticated flavor of St. Bernie's Blackberry Brandy gum (with no alcohol!)

A refreshing blend of natural lime and ginger, St. Bernie's Moscow Mule will remind you of a summer day shared with close friends and family (and contains no alcohol)!

Our elegant coffee liquor flavored gum will awaken your senses with reminders of your favorite morning beverage without the caffeine or the alcohol!

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CBD Chewing Gum Handcrafted


Our gum starts in the rain forests of Central  America where the Sapodilla tree produces chicle – a natural rubber latex which the Mayans first discovered.  Harvesting the chicle does not harm the plant.  In fact, these non-timber forest products actually help preserve the rain forests by providing a source of income for the rain forest inhabitants.


Our gum is fully biodegradable, completely digestible, and environmentally friendly made from authentic, all natural ingredients.

St. Bernie’s handcrafted gum contains only the finest, purest, most natural broad spectrum CBD on the market today with no THC.  Our CBD hemp grows naturally in the beautiful mountain air of Colorado using absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, or GMO tactics. St. Bernie's takes pride in all of our products because we care for your health!


One of the best tasting gums on the market.  Not to mention the wonderful benefit of CBD!

- Mike O. -

Denver, CO

Who We Are

St, Bernies's CBD gum started as a conversation around the dinner table.   Ours is a close and caring family of health care professionals including a Cancer Nurse Practitioner, an elder care Manager and two Physicians-one in Women's Health and the other practicing Palliative Care.  We understand the importance of the mind-body connection, the value of everyday wellness, and the need to protect our world.  We're a small family with a big dream of making the best CBD gum on the market today using earth-friendly, all natural ingredients. We're proud of our products, and proud to offer you the finest  CBD gum on the market today!  BE WELL! 

St. Bernie's CBD gum is hand crafted by healthcare professionals


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