Holiday Candy Cane Sampler

Holiday Candy Cane Sampler

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Includes 5 pieces each of our seasonal gums Cherry Cordial and Peppermint Schnapps (10mg/piece), 5 pieces of our year round favorite Blackberry Brandy (15mg/piece) and our newest addition to the pack: Bearnie's Bears fruit gummies (10 Bears with 15mg/piece).  All contain Broad Spectrum CBD hemp extract (ZERO THC) and are made right here in the USA!


Our gum is made from a natural chicle base so it is digestible.  We suggest that you chew for 15 minutes, park the gum in your cheek or under your tongue for awhile, then break into several bits and swallow to get all of the infused CBD available!

  • Tasting Notes

    Cherry Cordial: mouthwatering Cherry and luscious Chocolate, hints of Caramel and Butter......lasting flavor that is created with all natural ingredients!  Nothing artificial!

    Peppermint Schnapps: cooling candy cane Peppermint brings a holiday taste to your day!  Natural ingredients!

    Blackberry Brandy: a crowd favorite with fruity Blackberry and hints of Brandy and sweet honey!  Lingers on the palate for long-lasting enjoyment.

    Bearnie's Bears: chewy Fruit Flavors like Citrus, Cherry, Lemon and Lime delight!  Made with cane sugar; treat yourself to a relaxing dessert of Bearnie's Bears!

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